Modernizing regulation

The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) is committed to modernizing regulation and reducing burden by researching, proposing, testing, and implementing systematic methods to reduce regulatory barriers, fees, anti-competitive behaviour, and response times.

The Innovation Office will lead the OSC’s efforts to modernize regulation into OSC policy mandates and internal operations, as well as to propose and implement amendments to capital markets legislation to facilitate innovation and support economic growth.

OSC Burden Reduction Task Force

The OSC Burden Reduction Task Force considers and, when appropriate, responds to suggestions to eliminate unnecessary rules and streamline processes while protecting investors and the integrity of the capital markets.

The Innovation Office will focus its efforts on identifying specific steps that can be taken to enhance the competitiveness of Ontario’s business environment to support the initiatives outlined in the OSC’s Burden Reduction Taskforce Report.

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Levin Karg, Manager, Modernizing Regulation for the Innovation Office

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