Results of annual investment fund survey

In April 2021, the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) launched an annual investment fund survey. The objective of the survey is to collect comprehensive fund-level data that will enable us to generate new insights into the Canadian investment fund industry.

The survey collects data on various aspects of investment funds, including fund sizes, asset class exposure, leverage, ownership, portfolio liquidity and redemption terms. The survey is targeted at investment fund managers (IFMs) registered in Ontario that manage investment funds with at least $10 million in net assets as at December 31 each year. Every year, the OSC receives data on more than 5,500 prospectus-qualified and exempt investment funds managed by more than 400 IFMs.

The OSC has published survey results from the past two years on the survey’s data landing page in the form of: (a) aggregated data in a CSV file; and (b) accompanying charts. The survey results will be updated annually as new data is collected from IFMs.

In publishing this data, our intent is to promote greater transparency in a manner that protects IFM confidentiality while delivering on the OSC’s mandate of contributing to financial stability.


John Bulmer, Senior Economist, Regulatory Strategy & Research
[email protected]

Frederick Gerra, Senior Legal Counsel, Investment Funds and Structured Products
[email protected]

Bertilla Balanathan, Accountant, Investment Funds and Structured Products
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