OSC Staff Notice: Withdrawal of Notice

OSC Staff Notice: Withdrawal of Notice

OSC Notice Notice of Withdrawal



The following CSA Notices are withdrawn effective immediately. The Notices listed are being withdrawn in all CSAjurisdictions.

CSAN 92/02 Applications for Discretionary Orders
CSAN 92/04 Review of National Policy Statement No. 41
CSAN 94/01 An Electronic System for Securities Filings
CSAN 95/01 Conflicts of Interest
CSAN 13-301 SEDAR - Use of Incorrect Document Formats
CSAN 13-302 Notice of Changes to SEDAR Filer Software
CSAN 13-303 SEDAR Operational Changes
CSAN 13-304 Changes to SEDAR Filing Service Charges
CSAN 13-305 SEDAR Changes for Mutual Reliance Review Systems for Prospectuses and AIFs
CSAN 31-301 The Year 2000 Challenge
CSAN 31-302 Securities Industry Contingency Planning
CSAN 31-303 System Changes for Market Participants after Completion of Year 2000 Testing
CSAN 31-304 Year 2000: Backup of Records
CSAN 33-301 National Instrument 33-106 - Year 2000 Preparation Reporting
CSAN 33-302 National Instrument 33-106 - Non-Compliant Registered Firms and Possible Terms andConditions
CSAN 41-301 The Year 2000 Challenge - Disclosure Issues
CSAN 51-302 The Year 2000 Challenge - Disclosure Issues
CSAN 51-303 CSA Follow-up of Inadequate Year 2000 Disclosure
CSAN 81-303 Year 2000 Disclosure for Mutual Funds

For further information, please contact:

Kathleen Finlay

Manager, Project Office

Ontario Securities Commission

Tel: 416-593-8125

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