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Student employment opportunities

The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) offers a number of different types of student employment opportunities throughout the school year and summer months in many fields of study.

Law students

Interested in a career in securities law, administrative law or litigation? The OSC offers summer positions and articling placements for law students.

Accounting students

Looking for an opportunity to work in the field of accounting or to gain experience that counts toward your Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation? The OSC offers summer positions and a more specialized opportunity as part of its CPA Training Office program.

Undergraduate and graduate students

The OSC offers summer positions and co-op placements to undergraduate and graduate students in many fields of study such as business administration, economics, finance, human resources, information management, information technology, knowledge services, library science, records and research.

Student testimonials

One of the best ways to get to know us is through our staff. Meet some of our students and see why they chose the OSC to build their career.

"The OSC has many talented professionals who were welcoming, eager to offer guidance and genuinely interested in furthering my professional development."

Asad Akhtar, Articling Student, Compliance and Registrant Regulation

"It was a great chance to learn more about the securities industry and the importance of proper information management practices in regulatory organizations such as the OSC."

Elicia Wilkinson, Summer Student, Records and Information Management

"The best part of the OSC is the people and the culture. I was surrounded by a diverse team of friendly and experienced professionals. It was a wonderful opportunity to apply my knowledge in a hands-on environment."

Scott Li, Accounting Student, Corporate Services – Finance

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Applying for a job with the OSC