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Market regulation

In Ontario, marketplaces, including exchanges and alternative trading systems (ATSs); self-regulatory organizations (SROs); clearing agencies; and investor protection funds are regulated by the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC). Part of the OSC’s mandate is to promote fair and efficient capital markets and contribute to the reduction of systemic risk, including promoting compliance with market-related requirements of Ontario securities law and helping to develop and refine relevant rules and policies.

The OSC regulates these entities through:

  • recognition or approval of marketplaces, SROs, clearing agencies, clearing houses, and investor protection funds operating in Ontario
  • regulatory and filing requirements
  • policy initiatives related to market structure and marketplace operation

Recognition/ designation/ exemption from recognition

When filing an application for recognition, designation, or exemption from recognition, the OSC aims to issue a first comment letter within 20 working days of receiving a complete and adequate application in acceptable form and complete our review within 6-9 months from receipt of a final application for routine items.