Visits from foreign delegations

The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) welcomes opportunities to host delegations from other countries which are responsible for regulating financial institutions and markets, including visitors from government departments or regulatory agencies responsible for the regulation of financial services, markets, and corporations.

Information we require

To help us prepare for your visit and ensure you have a productive experience, we ask that you please submit your request to visit us by email at least eight weeks before your proposed visit. Please copy and paste the following section directly into your email request and include as much information as possible when responding:

  • the name and address of the organization
  • description of your organization:
    • country or jurisdiction that the organization oversees
    • name and title of the contact person
    • office and mobile telephone numbers, and email address of the contact person
  • date of proposed visit
  • names and position titles of the people in the delegation who will be visiting
  • a few words about why you would like to visit the OSC and what you hope to learn from the visit
  • a list of specific issues and questions you want to discuss
  • a list of other organizations that you will be visiting on this trip to Ontario or Canada
  • details about any other recent visits to the OSC by any member of your organization, if applicable
  • any further information you think would be helpful for us to have

We will let you know if we are able to meet with you within 10 business days of receiving your completed request.

For scheduled meetings

Before you arrive

Please arrange for transportation to and from the meeting location. Non-English-speaking delegations should provide interpreters for translation during the visit.

You may find the following background materials to be of interest:

During your visit

We may ask general questions about your jurisdictional oversight. We hope to learn about how matters are dealt with in your jurisdiction as you learn about ours.

Thank you for your interest in the OSC. We look forward to receiving your request.