Investor Advisory Panel

The Ontario Securities Commission’s (OSC) Investor Advisory Panel (IAP) was formed in 2010 with a mandate to solicit and represent the views of investors on the OSC’s policies and rule-making initiatives.

The Investor Advisory Panel performs several key roles, including:

  • advising and commenting on proposed rules, policies, concept papers, investor protection initiatives, and discussion drafts, including the Commission’s annual Statement of Priorities, and providing comment on the effectiveness of investor protection initiatives
  • consulting with investors and organizations that represent investors to ensure their views are considered when formulating advice and written submissions to the Commission
  • forwarding policy issues to the Commission that emerge as a result of the IAP’s consultation activities, and commenting on any potential implications for investors

The IAP is empowered to function independently from the Commission and performs its responsibilities with this in mind. In addition, the IAP is committed to transparency, and makes documentation available on the OSC website, including meeting agendas, notices, reports, and the IAP’s submissions to the Commission and other regulatory bodies.

Investor outreach is a key facet of the Investor Advisory Panel mandate. To enhance understanding of issues affecting investor interests and how these interests can be better served from policy perspective, the IAP routinely connects with:

  • investor and consumer advocacy groups
  • investment industry organizations
  • capital markets regulators
  • investment industry self-regulatory organizations
  • governmental agencies
  • professional governance authorities
  • academic and legal experts

Current members of the IAP

  • Daniel Bach
  • Brigitte Catellier
  • Supriya Kapoor
  • Deborah Leckman
  • Parham Nasseri
  • James (Jim) Sinclair
  • Ilana Singer, Chair
  • Ian Tam