Trade repositories

A trade repository collects and maintains records of derivatives transactions with the purpose to improve transparency in the derivatives market and to ensure that the designated trade repositories operate in a manner that promotes public interest. The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) has authority to designate trade repositories under section 21.2.2 of Ontario’s Securities Act.

Designation application process

To operate as a trade repository, a person or company must apply to the Commission for designation and must comply with the designated trade repository requirements set out in  Rule 91-507 Trade repositories and derivatives data reporting. Trade repositories must also comply with all terms and conditions imposed by the OSC in any designation order made.


When determining if a trade repository should be designated, the OSC considers, among other things, if:

  • it is in the public interest
  • the applicant is in compliance with securities law
  • the applicant has established policies and procedures that meet the requirements under Rule 91-507

Companion Policy 91-507CP to OSC Rule 91-507 provides additional guidance on how the OSC assesses trade repository application for designation.


Once designated, a trade repository is required to provide the OSC with:

  • interim and year-end financial statements
  • notice of any significant changes to the information originally submitted in Form 91-507F1 before implementing any changes
  • corroboration of its acceptance of derivatives data for each asset class set out in the OSC's designation order
  • confirmation that it established, implemented and maintains:
    • written governance arrangements
    • board composition requirements
    • clearly defined management roles and responsibilities
    • policies and procedures for material aspects of its business
    • records retentions, data security and information privacy policies
    • a comprehensive risk management framework

Additional requirements and compliance-related information are outlined in Rule 91-507.

Designated trade repositories

The OSC has designated the following persons or companies as trade repositories operating in Ontario: