Individuals or companies with unpaid OSC sanctions

The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) identifies, in the list below, individuals or companies with unpaid administrative  penalties, disgorgement orders and costs, and any applicable interest, ordered against them in enforcement proceedings. Individuals or companies who have monetary sanctions against them may also have conduct bans such as trading bans and bans on acting as a director or officer of a public company. This information, if applicable, is included in the Commission order.

This list is updated quarterly.

When will an individual or company be added to this list?

Generally speaking, an individual or company who does not pay the full amount of the monetary sanctions ordered against them will be placed on this list no earlier than 30 days after the relevant Commission order is issued, unless an appeal has been filed. However, there are other situations which may affect this, such as:

  • if the Commission order contains a specific provision for date of payment, placement on the list will occur no earlier than 30 days after that date
  • if a settlement agreement expressly provides for a date for payment, placement on the list will occur no earlier than 30 days from the date in the agreement
  • if a settlement order is silent as to payment date, placement on the list will occur no earlier than 30 days from the date of the Commission order approving the settlement
  • if a Commission order or a settlement agreement stipulates dates that recurring payments are to be made by, and a payment is not made in accordance with that schedule, placement on the list will occur no earlier than 30 days from the date the payment was due

Please note: amounts owing to the OSC in proceedings that are subject to ongoing litigation or outstanding appeals or costs owing to the Commission that were imposed by courts in Ontario are not included in the list.

Respondents with requests to update or correct information should contact the OSC.

Delinquent Respondents

Results 121 - 140 of 442
Related order
Amount owing individually
Amount owing jointly
Amount outstanding
DeBoer, Doug
Deng, Joe Feng
(M P Financial Ltd. and Joe Feng)
Derosa, Americo
(Americo Derosa, Ronald Sherman, Edward Emmons)
DesRosiers, Rejean
DeVries, Andrew
(Sulja Bros. Building Supplies, Ltd., Petar Vucicevich, Kore International Management Inc. and Andrew DeVries)
Domenicucci, Carmine
Dominion International Resource Management Inc.
(Marlon Gary Hibbert, Ashanti Corporate Services Inc., Dominion International Resource Management Inc., Kabash Resource Management, Power To Create Wealth Inc. and Power To Create Wealth Inc. (Panama))
Dookhie, Ramadhar
(2196768 Ontario Ltd. Carrying on business as RARE Investments, and Ramadhar Dookhie)
Doulis, Alexandrer
(Alexander Doulis and Liberty Consulting Ltd.)
Douse, Ezra
Drago Gold Corp.
(Al-tar Energy Corp., Alberta Energy Corp., Drago Gold Corp., David C. Campbell, Abel Da Silva, Eric F. O’Brien and Julian M. Sylvester)
Driver, Gordon Alan
(Axcess Automation LLC, Axcess Fund Management LLC, Axcess Fund LP, Driver, Steven M. Taylor, Berkshire Management Services Inc. Carrying On Business As International Communication Strategies, 1303066 Ontario Ltd. Carrying On Business As Acg Graphic Communications, Montecassino Management Corporation, Reynold Mainse and World Class Communications)
Drury, Robert
(Sunwide Finance Inc., Sun Wide Group, Sun Wide Insurers, Bryan Bowles, Robert Drury, Lorenzo M Romero and Rafael Pangilinan)
Dubinsky, Alena
(Alex Khodjaiants, Alena Dubinsky)
Dupont, Derek
Eatch, Michael
(Lyndz Pharmaceuticals Inc., James Marketing)
Ekonomidis, Konstantinos
Emmons, Edward
(Americo Derosa, Ronald Sherman, Edward Emmons)
Empire Consulting Inc.
(Empire Consulting Inc. and Desmond Chambers)
Energy Syndications Inc.
(Energy Syndications Inc., Green Syndications Inc., Syndications Canada Inc., Douglas William Chaddock)