Change to form of receipt for investment fund prospectuses

As part of our ongoing commitment to strengthening communications with stakeholders, we are informing you about a change that may impact you or your business.

Please note that we, the CSA jurisdictions, intend to update the form of the preliminary and final receipts for investment fund prospectuses moving forward to remove references to the individual series within an investment fund that represent, for example, different fee structures of the fund.

Due to the significant number of funds and series in investment fund prospectuses, we have decided to change the existing practice as the receipts have become unwieldy and often difficult to read. The receipt will continue to make reference to the prospectus being receipted where the series information for each fund is identified for the investor.

We will continue to list classes or series on the receipt that represent different pools of assets, as each such class or series represents a separate issuer.

If you have any specific questions about your investment fund prospectus receipt, please contact the reviewer dealing with the filing.