IFSP eNews

IFSP eNews aims to provide timely information about regulatory news and issues to investment fund and structured product issuers and their advisors in the form of articles published on a timely, as-needed basis.

IFSP eNews is prepared by staff of the Investment Funds and Structured Products (IFSP) Branch, and the views that it expresses do not necessarily reflect the views of the Ontario Securities Commission or the Canadian Securities Administrators.

The information contained in IFSP eNews is based on particular factual circumstances. Outcomes may differ as facts change, or as regulatory approaches evolve.

IFSP eNews replaces the Investment Funds Practitioner (the Practitioner). Articles from the Practitioner are now included in the list of IFSP eNews articles below.

IFSP Branch staff review both IFSP eNews and Practitioner articles periodically to remove articles from the OSC website that are no longer relevant.

We welcome your feedback, including any suggestions. Please forward your comments to [email protected].

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