OSC Staff Notice of Request For Comment – New Rules for Service Providers Related to Access Standards – FundSERV Inc.

Market Regulation Document Type
FundSERV Inc. rule review

The Ontario Securities Commission is publishing for public comment new Fundserv rules in respect of processing applications by prospective Service Providers (Rules).  Fundserv has existing processes for onboarding new Service Providers.  The Rules clearly establish those processes by way of written procedures to ensure that any industry participant, wishing to become a Service Provider that is connected to the Fundserv network, understands the onboarding process.

A copy of the Fundserv Notice is published on our website at http://www.osc.gov.on.ca.  As noted in the Fundserv Notice, please send comments to [email protected].  Comments should also be provided to the Ontario Securities Commission by forwarding a copy to:

Manager, Market Regulation
Market Regulation Branch
Ontario Securities Commission
Suite 1903, Box 55
20 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario   M5H 3S8
Fax: 416-595-8940
Email: [email protected]

The comment period ends on May 22, 2018.