Request for Comment – Proposed Rule Amendments Respecting Fully Paid Securities Lending and Financing Arrangements – Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization (CIRO)

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CIRO rule review and notices

CIRO is publishing for public comment proposed amendments to the Investment Dealer and Partially Consolidated (IDPC) Rules and IDPC Form 1 relating to fully paid securities lending and financing arrangements (Proposed Amendments).

The Proposed Amendments seek to:

  • enhance the rule framework regarding retail fully paid securities lending,
  • carry out CIRO’s commitment to update the IDPC Rules to address lessons learned from Dealer Members offering fully paid lending programs, and
  • address a few inconsistencies in the existing financing arrangements rules.

CIRO is also publishing for comment the revised Guidance on Fully Paid Securities Lending (Draft FPL Guidance), which will replace the existing guidance GN-4600-22-001.

A copy of the CIRO Bulletin, including the text of the Proposed Amendments and Draft FPL Guidance, is also available on our website at The comment period ends on April 15, 2024.