Summary Report for Dealers, Advisers and Investment Fund Managers

The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) today published OSC Staff Notice 33-751 – Summary Report for Dealers, Advisers and Investment Fund Managers (Summary Report). The Summary Report describes the work conducted by the OSC’s Compliance and Registrant Regulation Branch (CRR) during the 2019-2020 fiscal year and discusses important matters impacting registration, outcomes from compliance reviews, recent conduct matters and other ongoing initiatives impacting registrants. Additionally, this year's report provides an update on the OSC's registrant-specific burden reduction initiatives.

The Summary Report also mentions certain operational changes made by CRR as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and discusses the areas that it anticipates will be prioritized as part of its compliance review activity in the upcoming fiscal year. 

Information provided in the Summary Report is meant to assist registrants with meeting their ongoing regulatory requirements. Firms are encouraged to use the Summary Report as a self-assessment tool to strengthen their systems of compliance, internal controls and supervision. 

The Summary Report is available as an interactive, downloadable PDF. To take full advantage of the report’s functionality, we recommend users view it in electronic form. The Summary Report will also be published in the OSC Bulletin September 17, 2020. 

Any questions regarding the report can be addressed to:

Daniel Panici
Senior Accountant
Compliance and Registrant Regulation
(416) 593-8113
[email protected]

Daniela Schipani
Compliance and Registrant Regulation
(416) 263-7671
[email protected]