Get ready for the 2018 Risk Assessment Questionnaire

Delivered by e-mail

Subject: Get ready for the 2018 Risk Assessment Questionnaire

We are writing to provide you with advance notice that on April 18, 2018, you will receive a risk assessment questionnaire (Questionnaire) from staff of the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC). You must complete and submit the Questionnaire online by May 30, 2018.

The OSC uses a risk-based approach to oversee and monitor our registrants. The information that we collect through the Questionnaire will be used to support our oversight activities and evidence-based decision making.

We strongly encourage you to start planning and allocating resources to gather information for the completion of the Questionnaire. Since the Questionnaire will include questions that are substantially similar to those in the Questionnaire that was issued in 2016 (2016 Questionnaire), you can begin your preparations by referring to the 2016 Questionnaire. A copy of the 2016 Questionnaire can be found here.

Please note that your UDP will be required to certify in each section of the Questionnaire that they have reviewed the responses and that the responses are complete, accurate, free from any misstatements and not misleading in any respect. Without the UDP certification, you will not be able to submit your responses. Accordingly, please schedule sufficient time for your UDP to be able to conduct a thorough review of the responses to the Questionnaire before the deadline.

If you are registered with the OSC as an investment fund manager and you manage prospectus-exempt investment funds, you will also receive the Prospectus-Exempt Fund Form (Fund Form) which you will be required to complete. The deadline to submit your Fund Form online is June 30, 2018.

Although the Questionnaire and the Fund Form have different due dates, they are both asking for information for the period(s) ending December 31, 2017.

To assist you in completing the Questionnaire and the Fund Form, we will be providing an FAQ and a User Guide, and the contact information of dedicated staff members to whom you can direct your questions. We will also be offering both a webinar and an in-person Registrant Outreach session on this topic. Please visit the outreach webpage on the OSC website in the near future for further details.

If you do not receive an email on April 18, 2018, please contact us as soon as possible at [email protected]