IAP Notice: OSC Investor Advisory Panel to Give Input on Commission Initiatives

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February 26, 2010


OSC Investor Advisory Panel to Give Input on Commission Initiatives


TORONTO – The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) today announced the creation of an Investor Advisory Panel that will provide input on the work of the Commission, including proposed rules and policies, the annual Statement of Priorities, concept papers and specific issues.

“The Investor Advisory Panel will encourage input from a range of investors that can be fed directly into the OSC’s important initiatives. While we currently receive comments from investors through our notice and comment process, we believe investors could be better represented in that process,” said OSC Chair David Wilson. “I am confident that the panel will be an effective voice for Ontario investors as well as a great asset to the Commission and its work.”

The Investor Advisory Panel will be made up of seven members, including a panel chair. Panel members will be selected to ensure the panel is representative of a broad range of investors.

Mary Condon, one of the part-time Commissioners who worked on the development of the panel, added: “Input from a broad range of investors will assist the OSC in better understanding the needs of different investors and in developing policies that better protect investors. We are looking for candidates with specific skills to assist the panel in responding to notices and requests for comment issued by the Commission. We’re hoping that some of the members will have experience in consulting with the people of Ontario.”

Applications for membership in the Investor Advisory Panel will be solicited within a few weeks through a notice in the OSC Bulletin and on its website, and in print and web-based publications with general circulation. The OSC hopes to complete the member selection process by late May and have the panel in place for a first meeting in June.


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