IAP Notice: OSC Investor Advisory Panel Seeks Investor Feedback on Initiatives

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December 1, 2010


OSC Investor Advisory Panel Seeks Investor Feedback on Initiatives


TORONTO – The OSC Investor Advisory Panel is inviting investors to provide feedback on several initiatives that the Panel has selected for consideration.

The Panel is interested in the views of investors on issues that are of concern to them, including: point of sale disclosure for mutual funds, enforcement matters, fiduciary standards for financial services professionals, regulatory initiatives in jurisdictions outside of Canada and regulation of credit rating agencies.

“The Investor Advisory Panel is initially focusing on these key areas affecting investors’ interests and we are looking forward to hearing from a broad range of investors. This list of initiatives is a starting point; there will certainly be additions and refinements to it as the Panel fulfills its mandate and receives feedback from investors,” said Anita Anand, Chair of the Investor Advisory Panel. “The input that we receive will assist us in understanding and representing investor interests as we formulate responses to policy initiatives.”

The Investor Advisory Panel was created in 2010 to contribute an investor perspective to the OSC’s rule and policy making process. The Panel provides written comments on various OSC initiatives chosen by the Panel, as well as the OSC’s annual Statement of Priorities.

“Consulting with and seeking input from investors is an important part of the Investor Advisory Panel’s mandate and work,” explained Anand. “We welcome comments on these and any other issues of concern to investors.”

More information about the initiatives and how to provide comments is available in the Investor Advisory Panel section of the OSC website at osc.gov.on.ca.





For Media Inquiries: Anita Anand
Chair, Investor Advisory Panel
c/o Allan Krystie, Senior Administrator,
Investor Advisory Panel
For Investor Inquiries: Allan Krystie
Senior Administrator
Investor Advisory Panel
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