Problematic Promotional Activities: What SME issuers need to know

Mar 27, 2024
02:00 pm  -  03:00 pm
Event Details

This webinar will review and discuss deficiencies commonly noted by staff in continuous disclosure filings pursuant to a reporting issuer’s disclosure requirements, with a focus on problematic promotional activities.

Some key topics will include:

  • Overly promotional and unbalanced disclosures, with reference to CSA Staff Notice 51-356 Problematic promotional activities by issuers
  • Use of social media and news releases
  • Greenwashing and climate-related disclosures
  • Guidance and best practices for MD&A disclosures, including updates to previously disclosed forward-looking information
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SME Event

Who should attend

  • CEOs and CFOs of SMEs
  • Preparers of financial statements and MD&A
  • Directors of SMEs
  • In-house or external legal counsel
  • Advisors to companies

Why should you attend

  • To understand important ongoing securities requirements to prepare quality continuous disclosure documentation
  • To keep abreast of new topics
  • To be aware of and avoid common filing deficiencies