OSC Introduces Ontario’s New Investor Office

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TORONTO – The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) today introduced Ontario’s new Investor Office, an important initiative that is a priority for the OSC this year. Also being published today is a large suite of investor materials and resources that express the Office’s purpose and approach and are available at www.InvestorOffice.ca.




“Investor protection is at the core of everything we do,” said Howard Wetston Q.C., CEO and Chair of the OSC. “The OSC is strongly committed to delivering on its mandate to protect investors. The creation of the Investor Office is but one way we are fulfilling the commitments we made in our Statement of Priorities to put the interests of investors first and improve education, outreach and advocacy for investors.”

The Investor Office complements the OSC in the Community initiative, an outreach program that takes the OSC’s regulatory mandate from Bay Street to communities across Ontario.

The Investor Office sets the strategic direction and leads the OSC’s efforts in investor engagement, education and outreach. The Investor Office also advocates for and supports OSC objectives and policy priorities to advance investor protection. The Investor Office coordinates all investor-focused initiatives, including working with the OSC’s Investor Advisory Panel and developing content for the OSC’s award-winning consumer site GetSmarterAboutMoney.ca.

“In all of our activities, we are determined to be an accessible and relatable voice for retail investors,” said Tyler Fleming, the new Director of the Investor Office. “Our mission is this: We’re here to give investors information to help them invest wisely and confidently, ensure their needs are understood by those who make the rules, and share their voice with the boardrooms of Bay Street.”

On April 1, 2015, the OSC merged the Office of the Investor and the Investor Education Fund to form the Office of Investor Policy, Education and Outreach (OIPEO) and to provide an enhanced structure to deliver investor protection. With a new Director, vision and strategy in place, this now becomes the new Investor Office.

The mandate of the OSC is to provide protection to investors from unfair, improper or fraudulent practices and to foster fair and efficient capital markets and confidence in the capital markets. Investors are urged to check the registration of any persons or company offering an investment opportunity and to review the OSC investor materials available at http://www.osc.gov.on.ca




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