Notice Re: Amendments

Notice Re: Amendments

Notice of Commission Approval OSC Rule

Notice of Commission Approval - Amendments to OSC Rule 45-502
and OSC Rule 45-503, and Rescission of OSC Rule 72-501

On September 17, 2002, the Commission made amendments to Rule 45-502 Dividend or Interest Reinvestment and Stock Dividend Plans and Rule 45-503 Trades to Employees, Executives and Consultants, and revoked Rule 72-501 Prospectus Exemption for First Trade Over a Market Outside Ontario under section 143 of the Securities Act (the Act) (collectively, the Amendments).

The Amendments were published for comment on September 14, 2001 at (2001) 24 OSCB 5567.

The Amendments were sent to the Minister on September 17, 2001 and are being published in Chapter 5 of the Bulletin.