SEDAR is the electronic system for the official filing of documents by public companies and investment funds across Canada. Its purpose is to:

  • facilitate electronic filing of securities information as required by the securities regulatory authorities in Canada;
  • allow for the public dissemination of securities information filed by public companies and investment funds; and
  • provide electronic communication between electronic filers, agents and the Canadian securities regulatory authorities.

SEDAR provides access to documents filed by public companies, investment funds and certain third-party filers. All Canadian public companies and investment funds must file their documents through SEDAR. Foreign companies should file a notice of election before filing documents through SEDAR. In addition, some third parties who are involved in public company transactions, such as take-over bids, may be required to file appropriate documents through SEDAR.


Filers must pay an annual fee for using the SEDAR system, as well as annual fees to each jurisdiction where they report. Certain document types, for example filing a preliminary prospectus or rights offering circular, may involve additional fees. Fees are paid electronically through SEDAR.


SEDAR permits the voluntary filing of annual financial statements in eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) format. Note, however, that financial statements in XBRL format are not a substitute for financial statements required to be filed through SEDAR in PDF.

For more information on XBRL, see CSA Notice 51-323 XBRL Filing Program and Request for Volunteers.

SEDAR Filer Manual

The SEDAR Filer Manual sets out the standards to be used by electronic filers and filing agents when preparing electronic format documents, as well as providing information on fees. The Manual assumes familiarity with the securities regulatory process, including national and local rules.

Enhancements and changes to the SEDAR filing system are communicated to filers and the general public through SEDAR Subscriber Updates available on the SEDAR website.

Technical assistance related to SEDAR filings may be obtained by contacting the Technical Service Desk at the toll free number 1-800-219-5381.

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