OSC phone directory

General inquiries

Phone : 1-877-785-1555 (Toll-free) or 1-866-827-1295 (TTY)
Email: [email protected]
Fax: 416-593-8122 (Fax)

Our staff experts can answer your questions on investing, working with advisors or fraud. You can also contact us to submit a tip or complaint.

We also help market participants meet their regulatory requirements by providing guidance on topics like registration, regulatory filings, SEDI and fees.

Staff directory

To contact members of our staff directly, use the list below. To learn more, see a description of each of the branches and offices at the OSC.

The format for our e-mail addresses is first initial and last name: First Last, [email protected].


CEO Grant Vingoe’s office 416-593-8201
Executive Director Leslie Byberg's office 416-593-8204
Executive Director Sonny Randhawa's office 416-593-8204
Chief Administrative Officer Deana Djurdjevic's office 416-593-8204

Communications and Public Affairs

Carolyn Shaw-Rimmington Director 416-593-2361
Kristen Rose Manager, Public Affairs 416-593-2336
Media Inquiries   [email protected]
Website Inquiries   [email protected]

Compliance and Registrant Regulation

Debra Foubert Director 416-593-8101
Elizabeth King Deputy Director, Registrant Conduct 416-204-8951
Felicia Tedesco Deputy Director, Operations 416-593-8273
Michael Denyszyn Manager, Registrant Conduct 416-595-8775
Elizabeth Topp Manager, Portfolio Manager Team 416-593-2377
Vera Nunes Manager, Investment Fund Manager Team 416-593-2311
Dena Staikos Manager, Dealer Team 416-593-8058
Jason Tan Manager, Registration 416-593-2312
Jeff Sockett Manager, Branch Operations and Data Strategy 416-593-8162
Registration inquiries   [email protected]
Compliance inquiries   [email protected]

Corporate Finance

Winnie Sanjoto Director 416-593-8119
Michael Balter Manager 416-593-3739
Lina Creta Manager 416-204-8963
Marie-France Bourret Manager 416-593-8083
Erin O’Donovan Manager (Acting) 416-204-8973
Eden Williams Manager 416-593-8338


Kevin Fine Director 416-593-8109
Greg Toczylowski Manager 416-593-8215

Digital Solutions

Manjish Abraham Chief Digital Officer 416-593-8198
Evan Lyons  Head of Analytics and Data Solutions 416-263-3772
Anna Tartan Head of Digital Platforms 416-595-8901


Jeff Kehoe Director 416-593-2371
Johanna Superina Deputy Director 416-593-8210
Christine Tabbert Deputy Director 416-204-8950

Financial Management and Reporting

Mary Campione Director 416-593-2189
Roger Aguiar Controller 416-595-8785

Accounts Payable (A-K)



Accounts Payable (L-Z)



Accounts Receivable


General Counsel’s Office

Naizam Kanji General Counsel 416-593-8060

Global and Domestic Affairs

Carolyn Shaw-Rimmington Acting Director 416-593-2361

Governance & Tribunal Secretariat

Grace Knakowski Corporate Secretary & Director 416-596-4252
Robert Blair Manager, Adjudication Legal Services 416-593-8151
Christos Grivas Legal Counsel, Corporate Governance 416-204-8976
Daisy Aranha Senior Hearings Registrar 416-595-8916
Teresa Kuo Assistant Hearings Registrar 416-595-8780

Human Resources and Corporate Services

Lisa Wilkins

Chief Human Resources Officer and Director, Corporate Services


Kate Allingham

Associate Chief Human Resources Officer


Veronika Worr

Acting Manager, HR Advisory Services & Support


Lizanne Murphy Manager, Administration 416-595-8911
Cindy MacEwen Manager, Inclusion and Diversity 416-418-0871 
Laura Knapp Manager, Knowledge Services 416-593-2303
Kim Buote Manager, Organizational Development 416-593-3656

Marlene Diamond

Manager, Records and Information


Kathryn Royal Manager, Strategic Planning & Reporting 416-263-7747
  Records Requests 416-593-3735
[email protected]

Information Services

Russell White Chief Information Officer 416-593-8280
Daniela Ionica Manager, Application Services 416 593 8094
Andy Chan Manager, IT Services 416-593-8084
Zeljko Dojcinovic Chief Technology Officer, Enterprise Architecture, Applications and Quality Assurance 416-597-7235
Steve Wekarchuk Chief Technology Officer - Cloud & Infrastructure 416-595-8907

Investment Funds and Structured Products

Raymond Chan Director 416-593-8128
Darren McKall Manager 416-593-8118
Stephen Paglia Manager 416-593-2393
Neeti Varma Manager 416-593-8067
    [email protected]

Investor Office

Tyler Fleming Director 416-593-8092
Meera Pajela  Program Head, Investor Research and Behavioural Insights 416-263-3874
Paola Cifelli  Manager 416-263-7669
Raj Balasubramanian Manager 416-593-8066
Investor Views   [email protected]

Market Regulation

Susan Greenglass Director 416-593-8140
Michelle Alexander Manager 416-593-8150
Joseph Della Manna Manager 416-204-8984
Aaron Ferguson Manager 416-593-3676
    [email protected]

Office of the Chief Accountant

Cameron McInnis Chief Accountant 416-593-3675
Mark Pinch Associate Chief Accountant 416-593-8057

Office of Economic Growth and Innovation

Pat Chaukos Director 416-593-2373
Stephanie Tjon Manager, Business Support 416-593-3655
Levin Karg Modernizing Regulation 416-593-3661
Carlo Rossi Manager, Outreach & Engagement 416-204-8987

Office of Mergers and Acquisitions

Jason Koskela Director 416-595-8922
David Mendicino Manager 416-263-3795

Regulatory Strategy & Research

Paul Redman Director, Regulatory Strategy & Research and Chief Economist 416-593-2396
James Wilson Assistant Manager, Inquiries & Contact Centre 416-593-8096
Kevin Yang Manager  416-204-8983
Marybeth Edge Manager, Contact Centre 416-597-7218