Open Data

The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) is committed to fostering trust and improving transparency, accountability and openness by providing open data in alignment with Ontario’s Digital and Data Directive (2021).

The Digital and Data Directive requires all ministries and provincial agencies to:

  • create an Inventory of Data Assets within its custody or control
  • publish all datasets in an open format unless the dataset cannot be released for legal, security, confidentiality, privacy or commercially sensitive reasons (an open format is one that is platform independent, machine readable, and vendor-neutral)

You can learn more about Ontario’s Digital and Data Directive and how government data is prepared and shared publicly, on the Government of Ontario’s website.

OSC inventory of datasets

OSC Open Data Inventory

Each listing in the inventory of datasets identifies whether a dataset is currently open, restricted or under review. If a dataset is noted as being “under review,” it means that we are in the process of assessing whether it can be made public or whether it is exempt from release for legal, security, confidentiality, privacy, or commercially sensitive reasons. Use of the OSC’s datasets is subject to the Open Government Licence – Ontario.

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Work-related travel, meal and hospitality expense claims for the fiscal year by appointees, the CEO and every member of senior management that reports directly to the CEO and the top five expense claimants (as determined in accordance with the Public Sector Expense Review Act).

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List of physical records stored at off-site facility. Dataset includes: branch, unique identifier for off-site storage, record series, date received, location identifier, disposal date, date from, date to, transfer number, temporary box number, branch billed, folder number range.

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Under review

The data includes: (i) name, industry and year-end of the Toronto Stock Exchange-listed reporting issuers whose disclosure was reviewed by participating jurisdictions, (ii) number and proportion of women on the issuer's board and in executive officer positions, (iii) and details regarding issuers’ disclosure of policies, targets and considerations made for women on boards and in executive officer positions.

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Dataset includes: (i) employee name, (ii) title, (iii) employment status (permanent, contract, full-time, part-time), (iv) salary, (v) job grade, and (vi) whether professional designation is required for position.

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