Impact Finance and Douglas Charles

For Immediate Release OSC Investor Alert


TORONTO – The Ontario Securities Commission (“OSC”) is warning investors not to send money to Impact Finance or Douglas Charles. Representatives of these entities, including an individual purported to be Ian T. Ball, may be soliciting residents of Ontario in a fraudulent advance fee scheme.

Impact Finance and Douglas Charles representatives are contacting investors who hold securities of York Rio Resources Inc. and offering to exchange these securities for shares of another company. Investors are being told that they have to send an advance fee payment to these entities before their securities can be exchanged. Investors are in danger of being defrauded of the fees they send and never receiving payment for the securities that are purportedly being sold for them.

Impact Finance is purportedly located in Boston, Massachusetts. Douglas Charles is purportedly located in Panama City, Panama. These entities are not registered in any capacity with the OSC under the Securities Act (Ontario).

York Rio Resources Inc. is a respondent in an illegal distribution and fraud proceeding that is currently before the Commission awaiting a hearing. More information is available under OSC Proceedings on the OSC website at

If you have any questions or information relating to these matters, please contact the OSC Contact Centre at 1-877-785-1555.




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