Unofficial Consolidation: Form 24-101F3 Matching Service Utility Notice of Operations

Unofficial Consolidation: Form 24-101F3 Matching Service Utility Notice of Operations

Unofficial Consolidation Forms

Ontario Securities Commission

Form 24-101F3

Unofficial consolidation current to 2017-09-05

This document is not an official statement of law or policy and should be used for reference purposes only.

Form 24-101F3
Matching Service Utility
Notice of Operations


Effective date of commencement of operations: ___________ (DD/MMM/YYYY)



  1. Full name of matching service utility:
  2. Name(s) under which business is conducted, if different from item 1 :
  3. Address of matching service utility's principal place of business:
  4. Mailing address, if different from business address:
  5. Contact employee name:

Telephone number:

E-mail address:

  1. Legal counsel:

Firm name:

Telephone number:

E-mail address:


  1. Website address:
  2. Date of financial year-end:___________ (DD/MMM/YYYY)
  3. Indicate the form of your legal status (e.g., corporation, limited or general partnership), the date of formation, and the jurisdiction under which you were formed:

Legal status: O CORPORATION             O PARTNERSHIP


(a)          Date of formation:___________ (DD/MMM/YYYY)

(b)          Jurisdiction and manner of formation:

  1. Specify the general types of securities for which information is being or will be received and processed by you for transmission of matched trades to a clearing agency (e.g. exchange-traded domestic equity and debt securities, exchange-traded foreign equity and debt securities, equity and debt securities traded over-the-counter).


Deliver this form together with all exhibits pursuant to section 6.1 of the Instrument.

For each exhibit, include your name, the date of delivery of the exhibit and the date as of which the information is accurate (if different from the date of the delivery). If any exhibit required is not applicable, a full statement describing why the exhibit is not applicable must be furnished in lieu of the exhibit. To the extent information requested for an exhibit is identical to the information requested in another form that you have filed or delivered under National Instrument 21-101 Marketplace Operation, simply attach a copy of that other form and indicate in this form where such information can be found in that other form.

If you are delivering an amendment to Form 24-101F3 pursuant to section 6.1(2) or 6.2 of the Instrument, and the amended information relates to an exhibit that was delivered with such form, provide a description of the change and complete and deliver an updated exhibit. EXHIBITS:


Exhibit A – Constating documents

Provide a copy of your constating documents, including corporate by-laws and other similar documents, as amended from time to time.

Exhibit B – Ownership

List any person or company that owns 10 per cent or more of your voting securities or that, either directly or indirectly, through agreement or otherwise, may control your management. Provide the full name and address of each person or company and attach a copy of the agreement or, if there is no written agreement, briefly describe the agreement or basis through which the person or company exercises or may exercise control or direction.

Exhibit C – Officials

Provide a list of the partners, officers, directors or persons performing similar functions who presently hold or have held their offices or positions during the current and previous calendar year, indicating the following for each:

  1. Name.
  2. Title.
  3. Dates of commencement and expiry of present term of office or position and length of time the office or position held.
  4. Type of business in which each is primarily engaged and current employer.
  5. Type of business in which each was primarily engaged in the preceding five years, if different from that set out in item 4.
  6. Whether the person is considered to be an independent director.

Exhibit D – Organizational structure

Provide a narrative or graphic description of your organizational structure.

Exhibit E – Affiliated entities

For each person or company affiliated to you, provide the following information:

  1. Name and address of affiliated entity.
  2. Form of organization (e.g., association, corporation, partnership).
  3. Name of jurisdiction and statute under which organized.
  4. Date of incorporation in present form.
  5. Brief description of nature and extent of affiliation or contractual or other agreement with you.
  6. Brief description of business services or functions.
  7. If a person or company has ceased to be affiliated with you during the previous year or ceased to have a contractual or other agreement relating to your operations during the previous year, provide a brief statement of the reasons for termination of the relationship.


Exhibit F – Audited financial statements

Provide your audited financial statements for the latest financial year and a report prepared by an independent auditor.

3.           FEES

Exhibit G – Fee list, fee structure

Provide a complete list of all fees and other charges imposed, or to be imposed, by you for use of your services as a matching service utility, including the cost of establishing a connection to your systems.

4.           ACCESS

Exhibit H – Users

Provide a list of all users or subscribers for which you provide or propose to provide the services of a matching service utility. Identify the type(s) of business of each user or subscriber (e.g., custodian, dealer, adviser or other party).

If applicable, for each instance during the past year in which any user or subscriber of your services has been prohibited or limited in respect of access to such services, indicate the name of each such user or subscriber and the reason for the prohibition or limitation.

Exhibit I – User contract

Provide a copy of each form of agreement governing the terms by which users or subscribers may subscribe to your services of a matching service utility.


Exhibit J – System description

Describe the manner of operation of your systems for performing your services of a matching service utility (including, without limitation, systems that collect and process trade execution details and settlement instructions for matching of trades). This description should include the following:

  1. The hours of operation of the systems, including communication with a clearing agency.
  2. Locations of operations and systems (e.g., countries and cities where computers are operated, primary and backup).
  3. A brief description in narrative form of each service or function performed by you.


Exhibit K – Security

Provide a brief description of the processes and procedures implemented by you to provide for the security of any system used to perform your services of a matching service utility.

Exhibit L – Capacity planning and measurement

  1. Provide a brief description of capacity planning/performance measurement techniques and system and stress testing methodologies.
  2. Provide a brief description of testing methodologies with users or subscribers. For example, when are user/subscriber tests employed? How extensive are these tests?

Exhibit M – Business continuity

Provide a brief description of your contingency and business continuity plans in the event of a catastrophe.

Exhibit N – Material systems failures

Provide a brief description of policies and procedures in place for reporting to regulators material systems failures. Material systems failures include serious incidents that result in the interruption of the matching of trades for more than thirty minutes during normal business hours.

Exhibit O – Independent systems audit

  1. Briefly describe your plans to provide an annual independent audit of your systems.
  2. If applicable, provide a copy of the last external systems operations audit report.


Exhibit P – Interoperability agreements

List all other matching service utilities for which you have entered into an interoperability agreement. Provide a copy of all such agreements.

8.           OUTSOURCING

Exhibit Q – Outsourcing firms

For each person or company (outsourcing firm) with whom or which you have an outsourcing agreement or arrangement relating to your services of a matching service utility, provide the following information:

  1. Name and address of the outsourcing firm.
  2. Brief description of business services or functions of the outsourcing firm.
  3. Brief description of the outsourcing firm's contingency and business continuity plans in the event of a catastrophe.


The undersigned certifies that the information given in this report on behalf of the matching service utility is true and correct.

DATED at __________________ this _____ day of _______________ 20 ___


(Name of matching service utility - type or print)


(Name of director, officer or partner - type or print)


(Signature of director, officer or partner)


(Official capacity - type or print)