CSA Notice: NI - 44-101 - Short Form Prospectus Distributions

CSA Notice: NI - 44-101 - Short Form Prospectus Distributions

National Instrument







March 10, 2006


On October 21, 2005, the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) published a notice relating to the replacement of National Instrument 44-101 Short Form Prospectus Distributions (NI 44-101). NI 44-101 came into force on December 30, 2005.

CSA Notice 44-302 Replacement of National Instrument 44-101 Short Form Prospectus Distributions (CSA Notice 44-302) detailed the process for filing the qualification notice during the transition period from December 30, 2005 until SEDAR changes were in place to accommodate filing of the qualification notice under NI 44-101. The SEDAR changes became effective Monday, March 6, 2006.

Substance and Purpose

NI 44-101 modified the qualification, disclosure and other requirements of the short form prospectus system so that this prospectus system could build on and be more consistent with recent developments and initiatives of the CSA.

Process for Filing Notice of Intent to be Qualified to File Short Form Prospectus under NI 44-101

Section 2.8(1) of NI 44-101 requires issuers to file a one-time notice of intention to be qualified to file a short form prospectus (a qualification notice) at least 10 business days prior to filing its first preliminary short form prospectus under NI 44-101.

With the SEDAR changes now effective, the process for filing the qualification notice and the withdrawal notice under NI 44-101 is as follows:

1. Access the Securities Offering filing category in SEDAR;

2. Choose the newly created filing type "NI 44-101 Notice of Intent";

3. Under this filing type, two folders (subtypes) are displayed:

a. NI 44-101 Notice of Intent to Qualify;

b. NI 44-101 Withdrawal Notice;

4. File the qualification notice under NI 44-101 Notice of Intent to Qualify. This notice should be in substantially the form of Appendix 'A' to NI 44-101;

5. There is no prescribed form of withdrawal notice. It is filed under NI 44-101 Withdrawal Notice.

NI 44-101 Notice of Intent is an auto public filing type in SEDAR.

Attached as Appendix 'A' to this Notice is a list of issuers whose Initial AIFs were accepted for filing after the list of grandfathered issuers was published with CSA Notice 44-302 on December 16, 2005 and prior to December 30, 2005, along with any issuers that were omitted from the list.

Attached as Appendix 'B' to this Notice is a list of issuers who have filed the qualification notice under "Other Filings" during the transition period.

Issuers whose names appear on Appendix A or B of this Notice and issuers whose names were on Appendix 'A' of CSA Notice 44-302 are not required to file a qualification notice again under the newly created filing type NI 44-101 Notice of Intent.

Issuers that identify inaccuracies in the lists are requested to contact CSA staff of their notice regulator as defined in s. 2.8(3) of NI 44-101.


Please refer your questions to any of the following:

April Penn
Supervisor, Financial, Insider and Exemptive Reporting
British Columbia Securities Commission
(604) 899-6805
Bola Opeodu
Compliance Officer
Alberta Securities Commission
(403) 297-2489
Wayne Bridgeman
Senior Analyst
Manitoba Securities Commission
(204) 945-4905
Ann Mankikar
Supervisor, Financial Examiners
Ontario Securities Commission
(416) 593-8281
Louise Allard
Analyste en valeurs mobilières
Autorité des marchés financiers
(514)395-0558 ext. 4442
To-Linh Huynh
Corporate Finance Officer
New Brunswick Securities Commission
(506) 643-7695
Donna Gouthro
Securities Analyst
Nova Scotia Securities Commission
(902) 424-7077


March 10, 2006



Issuer Name

1. Allen-Vanguard Corporation
2. American Express Canada Credit Corp.
3. Bankers Petroleum Ltd.
4. Coalcorp Mining Inc.
5. EPCOR Power LP
6. Flint Energy Services Ltd.
7. Penn West Energy Trust
8. Peregrine Energy Ltd.
9. Producers Oilfields Services Inc.
10. Superior Plus Inc.
11. Wajax Income Fund
12. Xceed Mortgage Trust



Issuer Name

1. 724 Solutions Inc.
2. Adaltis Inc.
3. Aeroplan Income Fund
4. Afriore Limited
5. AirIQ Inc.
6. Amergio Resources Ltd.
7. AMR Technologies Inc.
8. Anatolia Minerals Development Limited
9. Anvil Mining Limited
10. Arizona Star Resource Corp.
11. Ascalade Communications Inc.
12. Ashton Mining of Canada Inc.
13. Atna Resources Ltd.
14. Atrium Biotechnologies Inc.
15. Augusta Resource Corporation
16. Breaker Energy Ltd.
17. Builders Energy Services Trust
18. Bulldog Resources Inc.
19. Canexus Income Fund
20. Canwel Building Materials Income Fund
21. CanWest MediaWorks Income Fund
22. Chariot Resources Limited
23. Cipher Pharmaceuticals Inc.
24. CML Healthcare Income Fund
25. Coastal Contacts Inc.
26. Contact Diamond Corporation
27. CoolBrands International Inc.
28. D-Box Technologies Inc.
29. Dianor Resources Inc.
30. Divestco Inc.
31. Dynetek Industries Ltd.
32. Eastern Platinum Limited
33. Ecopia BioSciences Inc.
34. Endeavour Mining Capital Corp.
35. Eveready Income Fund
36. Exile Resources Inc.
37. Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd.
38. Fieldex Exploration Inc.
39. Freewest Resources Canada Inc.
40. Fronteer Development Group Inc.
41. High Arctic Energy Services Trust
42. Hot House Growers Income Fund
43. IBI Income Fund
44. Imaging Dynamics Company Ltd.
45. Intrinsyc Software International, Inc.
46. Jaguar Mining Inc.
47. Kangaroo Media Inc.
48. Kimber Resources Inc.
49. Kinross Gold Corporation
50. Lake Shore Gold Corp.
51. Liquor Stores Income Fund
52. Look Communications Inc.
53. Lund Gold Ltd.
54. Madison Minerals Inc.
55. Medical Intelligence Technologies Inc.
56. Medical Ventures Corp.
57. Medisys Health Group Income Fund
58. MethylGene Inc.
59. Mexivada Mining Corp.
60. Minacs Worldwide Inc.
61. Moto Goldmines Limited
62. New Gold Inc.
63. Nuvo Research Inc.
64. Oromin Explorations Ltd.
65. Osta Biotechnologies Inc.
66. Parkland Income Fund
67. PetroWorld Corp.
68. Pioneer Metals Corporation
69. Public Storage Canadian Properties
70. Pure Energy Services Ltd.
71. QuestAir Technologies Inc.
72. Qustream Corporation
73. redCity Search Company Inc.
74. Research In Motion Limited
75. Rock Energy Inc.
76. Silvercorp Metals Inc.
77. SIR Royalty Income Fund
78. Solana Resources Limited
79. Sonomax Healing Healthcare Inc.
80. Spur Ventures Inc.
81. Stephenson's Rental Services Income Fund
82. Stoneham Drilling Trust
83. Strategic Energy Fund
84. Student Transportation of America Ltd.
85. Student Transportation of America ULC
86. SunOpta Inc.
87. Taiga Building Products Ltd.
88. Terra Energy Corp.
89. The Data Group Income Fund
90. Tonbridge Power Inc.
91. Tournigan Gold Corporation
92. Twoco Petroleums Ltd.
93. UEX Corporation
94. Unique Broadband Systems, Inc.
95. UrAsia Energy Ltd.
96. Vaaldiam Resources Ltd.
97. Wenzel Downhole Tools Ltd.
98. Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd. (formerly River Gold Mines Ltd.)
99. Western Canadian Coal Corp.
100. Westfield Real Estate Investment Trust
101. Winstar Resources Ltd.
102. Yamiri Gold and Energy Inc.