Resources for small and medium enterprises

The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) recognizes the important role the small business sector plays in Ontario’s capital market. A large percentage of Ontario-based businesses are small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Additionally, a significant proportion of TSX-venture listed issuers are also based in Ontario.

The OSC’s role as securities regulator is to uphold confidence and integrity in Ontario’s capital markets. Given the importance of SMEs to Ontario’s market, the OSC works to foster easier access to capital raising for SMEs while protecting the needs of investors in those companies.

The OSC is testing a set of initiatives designed to support early-stage capital raising for Ontario business through OSC TestLab.

Seminars for SMEs

The OSC offers a series of free educational seminars specifically tailored for SMEs to help them understand their regulatory obligations. These seminars, organized and delivered by the OSC’s SME Institute, give SMEs the opportunity to hear first-hand about the latest regulatory issues affecting the SME market. The SME Institute also gives participating businesses the opportunity to share feedback and concerns with the OSC.

Upcoming seminars from the SME Institute

Visit our events page for information on upcoming SME Institute seminars. 

The OSC SME Community

The OSC encourages SMEs to join its SME Community in order to receive regular updates on OSC initiatives, policies and programs that impact SMEs. As a member of the SME Community, you will receive notification of upcoming OSC publications, practice directives and guidance tools, which will provide further direction on the OSC’s expectations regarding filings.