Notice of Commission Approval - Amendments to the Rules of the Toronto Stock Exchange - Direct Access Trading - Eligible Client Definition - TSX Inc.

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TMX Group Limited and TSX Inc. rule review and notices

The Ontario Securities Commission approved amendments to the rules of the Toronto Stock Exchange regarding the definition of "eligible client" set out in Policy 2-501(1) of the Rules of Toronto Stock Exchange and other related housekeeping changes. The purpose of the amendments is to broaden the prescribed classes of eligible clients for direct market access to include clients that are non-individuals with total securities under administration or management exceeding $10 million, where the client is resident in a Basel Accord country. The proposed amendments were published for comment on January 13, 2006 at (2006) 29 OSCB 471. Certain proposed changes that were originally published for comment in 2006 have subsequently been withdrawn by TSX Inc. and a revised version of the proposed amendments is being published in Chapter 13 of this Bulletin. A summary of the comments received and TSX Inc.'s responses are also published in Chapter 13.