Pancarte de matière pour les inscrits

The Topical Guide for Registrants is a collection of compliance and registration guidance materials, organized by topic, which has been developed by the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC). It is not an exhaustive list and does not provide references or links to Ontario securities laws. The content of the guide is provided for information purposes only and not as advice.

Registrants may wish to proactively use the guidance material they access through this guide as a self-assessment tool to strengthen their compliance with Ontario securities laws and, as appropriate, to make changes to enhance their systems of compliance, internal controls and supervision. We encourage firms to seek advice from a qualified professional as they conduct their self-assessment, implement any changes, or both.

The Topical Guide for Registrants was last updated on July 27, 2023.

Additional support for registrants

For information related to  issuers of publicly-offered investment funds, refer to investment funds and structured products. We also have information about the exempt market such as who needs to register, how issuers sell securities in the exempt market and what investors need to know, as well as online tools to allow users to report exempt distributions and access exempt market data.