SEDAR+: Practical Tips for Error-Free Filings

28 fév. 2024
14h00  -  15h00
Event Details

This webinar will provide a one-hour session packed with practical tips and insights on navigating SEDAR+ filings effectively.

Some key topics will include:

  • Profile and Fee Management – Efficiently maintain profiles, use of Grouping IDs and multi-jurisdictional fee management
  • Continuous Disclosure Challenges – Common challenges when filing CD documents; MCTO applications and refiling participation fee forms
  • Prospectus Filings – CPC filings; incorporating documents by reference and linking pre-files
  • Exempt Marking Filings – Navigate amendments, filing Offering Memoranda and understanding OSC Unique Identifiers
  • Application Filings – Best practices for filing applications on SEDAR+
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SME Event

Who should attend

  • In-house or external legal counsel
  • Advisors to companies
  • Law clerks, self-filers and filing agents of companies

Why should you attend

  • To enhance your SEDAR+ filing proficiency with practical tips
  • To gain valuable strategies for improving the accuracy and efficiency of your filings

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